What Is This??

Welcome to Spectrum of Madness. I’ve always had a weird little affinity for retro and obscure entertainment, and since everyone and their foul-mouthed brother seems to these days, I decided to try my hand running my own little entertainment blog. Rather than focusing on just the absolute best or absolute worst of one specific thing, I’d rather do a little of everything, good and bad. I have no illusions about being the next AVGN or Spoony One, I’m not that funny, but hopefully I won’t turn out to be the next Irate Gamer.

The idea of the Spectrum is to be a measure of how crazy-awesome or crazy-awful something is. Maybe it’ll inspire you to check some of these things out yourself, maybe you’ll be able to tell me about something I didn’t know. Whatever happens, sit back and please enjoy your descent into madness.

The actual spectrum of madness looks like this:

The higher into the colors something is, the more awesome it is. The closer to black, well, let’s just say that’s solely for the masochists.


Q: How did you come up with the name for this blog?
A: I was going to call it "Mission: Madness" as an homage to that godawful old cartoon about Rick Springfield going on adventures in Wonderland (or some damn thing).  While I was trying to think of a ratings scale somehow I came up with "Spectrum of Madness" and went with that.

Q: What's your favorite video game ever?
A: The Manhole.

Q: Why did you only use pictures from the Twilight graphic novel for the first two chapters?
A: Couple reasons. When I started doing the reviews, only the first one had been released and I had no idea when to expect the second. The first graphic novel ends at roughly chapter 13 of the book, and it seemed awkward to me to go halfway and then just stop for lack of material, since at the rate I was dissecting chapters I was pretty sure I'd get to that point before the next graphic novel was out. Also, collecting, scanning, cropping, etc. a lot of pictures usually takes me a while, and with how the book was the most grating thing I'd reviewed yet, taking the time to get pictures for a new review seemed an unnecessary bother. On top of all that I was kind of embarrassed to admit to myself I owned a hardbound Twilight comic book, and made the decision to stop bothering with pictures and give it away when I was only a few chapters into my series. To help put that into perspective, I still have all the Joseph Lai movies I ever owned. Well, all except one, and the disc was scratched...

Q: Are you going to review The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner?
A: No. I refuse to dignify Stephenie Meyer's desperate attempt to duct tape some gravitas to one limp moment in her series's history.

Q: What about Midnight Sun?
A: That one's a little juicier target, but I'm going to have to say probably not. Part of it is I'd feel weird reviewing a work that just stops in the middle. Another part is how I took notes on those books, which was by underlining notable passages and writing my thoughts right in the margins of my physical copies. Midnight Sun exists only in electronic format, so if I were going to make notes I'd be spending a fortune of my own money on toner and paper.

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