Kamen Rider Tarock

On a whim I started up Kamen Rider Tarock. I decided to make this one a little more "Kamen Rider-y" than Altis. I'm proud of Altis, don't get me wrong, but I think the way the story's told is more interesting than the story itself most of the time.

I got four chapters into this story before I faced the fact that I just didn't like the way it was going. Oh, I liked the main character and the gimmick behind her powers just fine...just not much else. I'm working on a new version with a few new ideas that I'm liking better. If you're curious look for Kamen Rider Tarock, Re-Dealt.

Thanks go out to Gryphman for the artwork. If you'd like to commission some of your own: axelthered@fuse.net

Liss Decker wasn't always fed up with her family and biting back at authority, least of all feeling like the entire world was out to get her. Hearing everyone you know condemn the one person you've always respected can change a person, though, and not for the better. After she finds herself in a bizarre situation and the new owner of an artifact of awesome power, there really does seem to be a whole world out to get her, and it's one even she's never seen before...

Major Characters-

Liss Decker/Kamen Rider Tarock-

Liss has been fighting with her parents ever since they disowned her beloved older sister, Paige, for her lifestyle choices. Discovering the mystical Fate Driver and that it could give her awesome powers, she eagerly accepted its creator's request for her to fight against evil monsters besieging his world, seeing it as an escape from her oppressive life as much as anything.

Mythos Sensing
After some of the Arachne Mythos's blood was spilled on her hand, Liss has an ability to detect when Mythos are nearby by a feeling of cold on her arm. The more powerful the Mythos, the sharper the cold. She can even be debilitated for a few seconds by the presence of an exceptionally powerful being such as Lost. Strangely this reacts to the presence of Arcana as well.

Fate Driver
The Fate Driver is a belt buckle that, when used with various special cards, changes its wearer into Tarock. Its greatest ability is to allow its user to travel between worlds, although it's more efficient if this ability is channeled through another medium...

Shift Runner
A motorcycle repaired by Liss and her older sister and transformed into a super vehicle by the power of the Fate Driver. Capable of travel between Earth and the Sphere. It can also transform into a metallic horse once on the Sphere, which is able to read Liss's thoughts and act accordingly. It can also change itself into a medallion for easy transport.
Top speed (motorcycle): 175 MPH, (horse) 85 MPH

Rend Brace
A diamond-shaped plate of metal normally worn on Tarock's belt. It attaches to the wrist and serves as a small buckler and cutting weapon, but it can also be used to perform another function in each different form.
Swords: Thunder Lash (lightning whip)
Pentacles: Pent Defender (rock shield)
Cups: Tethys Cutter (energy blade)
Wands: Zure Divide (illusory duplicates)

Royal Core
A crystal on Tarock's belt that allows her to summon simulacrums of the original users of her Form Cards, which then aid her in battle. She can also use it to convert the power from a simulacrum into an "Ace High" attack more powerful than the powers she normally has.
Swords: Queen, Storm Cleave attack
Pentacles: Knight, Earthsplitter attack
Cups: Page, Crash Tide attack
Wands: King, Soul Fire attack

Wild Cards
Samll cards with the likenesses of animals on them that through a small infusion of the energy of a living being can be transformed into a mobile, crystalline version of that animal. Made to serve the same functions as Candroids, Foodroids, etc., they can function as scouts, spies, and messengers with their ability to record video of what they see.

Moth Wild Card: Can leave a trail of blinding dust in its wake.

Snake Wild Card: Capable of a stinging bite.

Turtle Wild Card: Can stack themselves to prop up objects or roll to bombard enemies.

Seahorse Wild Card: Able to swim and spray jets of water.

Rhinoceros Beetle Wild Card: Can fly, dig and ram with its horn.

Swords Form

The first of Tarock's forms, its powers tied to the element of air. In terms of the distribution of abilities it is a fairly balanced form, offering good performance across the board but excelling nowhere. The signature weapon of this form is the Skycalibur, a claymore sword over five feet long from tip of the blade to the bottom of the hilt. With it she can perform the Final Ascend Dire Fate (finishing attack), which involves charging the sword with power, then slicing into the ground which shoots the power to where her opponent is, and causes the ground to erupt with a miniature tornado that rips her enemy to pieces.

Punch power: 6 tons
Kick power: 8 tons
Jump height: 35 m
100 m run: 4.1 seconds

Pentacles Form-

The second of Tarock's form, its powers tied to the element of earth. Liss was given this card by Jack, to assure her of his good intentions and to allow her to still become Tarock while the Swords card was being repaired. Tarock's power type, focusing on heavy armor and raw strength while sacrificing speed. Its main weapon is a warhammer called the Gran Crusher, with which she can smash a monster with the Grand Impact finisher, or thrown Riding Impact variant from Shift Runner. Other attacks include the Terra Bind where arms formed from rock restrain a monster, Earth Needle where she causes rocky spikes to erupt under an enemy, and Earth Fist that knocks a boulder from the ground that can be batted at her opponent.

Punch power: 9 tons
Kick power: 11 tons
Jump height: 20 m
100 m run: 7.8 seconds

Cups Form-

Originally this card was hidden away by an unstable historian. Drawing its powers from the element of water, Tarock's Cups form trades pure physical power for extra mobility and firepower. Its most straightforward attacks are delivered by the Sea Hand, a gauntlet with spray jets in its fingers. These include the Aqua Burst, a blast of high pressure water that can crack concrete, and Jaws of Frost that freezes any object instantly.

Punch power: 2.5 tons
Kick power: 4 tons
Jump height: 45 m
100 m run: 2.3 seconds

Wands Form-

Hidden in a tomb where the White Lady was trapped, where it was lost by the original Tarock. Its powers come from the element of fire, and while it lacks the most in terms of strength and toughness of any of her forms it's by far the fastest and most nimble. Tarock's signature weapon in this form is the Pyre Brand, a metal wand that acts as a carrier for her attacks and can be lengthened into a staff for close-in fighting. The Rend Brace's power in this form is the Zure Divide where Tarock create illusory duplicates of herself. Her most notable power is the Mag Step which allows her to use short bursts of super speed. Her top speed is unknown, but everything appears to be standing still during its use. Because these powers are continual instead of short-lived attacks, they're a constant drain on Tarock's energy.

Punch power: 2 tons
Kick power:  3 tons
Jump height: 55 m
100 m run:  1.7 seconds normally, immediately with Mag Step

Tarock's "blank" form.

Ben Corland/Kamen Rider Vaga
Ben was a delinquent who asked Liss out after she adopted her rough ways after her falling out with her parents. He was mainly taking advantage of her for her reputation, and their relationship didn't last long. He often gave her a hard time at school afterward, but when he realized she was hiding something after her first battle with the Mythos connived to get sent to detention along with her. As a result he was present when she was attacked by the Vampyre Mythos and changed into Tarock to fight back.

When Liss dropped off the radar completely during the weeks she spent recovering from her fight with the Grendel Mythos, Jack and Shardak feared the worst and sought out a replacement envoy, ultimately choosing Ben to receive the powers of Kamen Rider Vaga. Though to his dismay, he finds out they meant he would be helping their cause, not necessarily helping Liss herself. He remains determined to fight by her side, however.

Punch power: 6 tons
Kick power: 7.5 tons
Jump height: 38 m
100 m run:  4.3 seconds

Vaga Warder
Vaga's primary weapon, a baton-like object that can deflect most attacks. Can also be extended into a spear (Vaga Lancer) and crossbow-like shape (Vaga Bowgun), as well as a rapier (Vaga Fencer). Its attack is the Heartseeker, but is different in each form.

Air Talon
A counterpart to Liss's Shift Runner. The Air Talon is a metal gryphon capable of limited independent action, powerful leaps and gliding through the air.

Lurian/Kamen Rider Donis and Nema/Kamen Rider Ven
A pair of newlyweds in the middle of separation because of a misunderstanding about infidelity. They were chosen by two of the Arcana to wield amazing powers of their own to hunt down the newly-appointed Tarock before she could assassinate the Arcana race. If Ven and Donis succeeded, they were promised that the foundation of their love would be revealed to them again

Punch power: 5 tons
Kick power:7 tons
Jump height: 25 meters
100 m run: 3.8 seconds
Flight speed: 55 km/hr

Donis represents calm and pragmatism, reflected by his white armor. His blows can temporarily numb his enemies' limbs. After he and Ven fail to produce results in killing Tarock, he is given the Bough of Grace, a bow that shoot powerful arrows but requires time to recharge between each shot.

Punch power: 6 tons
Kick power: 8.5 tons
Jump height: 30 meters
100 m run: 5.2 seconds
Flight speed: 55 km/hr

Ven represents passion and drive, reflected by her black armor. Her primary power is Ven Split, where she can create up to four copies of herself at a time. After she and Donis fail to produce results in killing Tarock, she is given the Dark Gasher dagger that multiplies along with her.

Ven and Donis's strongest attack is the Twilight Convergence, where they rush at an enemy from opposite directions and produce a powerful explosion when they meet.

Other Characters-

Angelo Bell
A local kung-fu teacher who used to count Liss among his students, but who dropped out when she started fighting with her parents. He was present in Japan in the late 1980's when Gorgom started their push to conquer the country. He was scarred by the Bat Mutant while trying to protect his family from the creature, and tells every new class about it when he says the dangers in the world are very real (Liss constantly misremembered the group's name as "Gorgon"). Even though they haven't spoken in years, Angelo is still one of the few people Liss has true respect for. He tries to spin Tarock's activities into a parable he presents to his students to get them motivated to affect positive change in themselves and their community.

The Sphere-
A strange world on another plane, and home of the Arcana and primary target of the Mythos monsters. Its is made up of several tiered layers which can be accessed in several ways, including transference along crystal pillars penetrating the different levels. Its center is hollow and visible from almost anywhere in the Sphere, and houses another smaller world which is orbited by several shining objects. It has two main societies, Mazones, which is located near the top, and Avalon, which is near the bottom.

The Arcana are a race of immortals with mystical powers who reside in a tiered world called the Sphere. They don't remember where they came from, but even they aren't immune to death and can be killed by beings as powerful as the Mythos, or Tarock. Several human mystics were able to reach the Sphere over the centuries, and the Arcana helped inspire the tarot deck.

The Arcana seen so far include...

0 – Jack
A wanderer by inclination, Jack traveled all over the Sphere and even made frequent excursions to Earth over the centuries. His ability to cross the barrier is unmatched by anyone else in the Sphere, although the truth is few others are interested in doing so. He’s long been friends with Shardak, partly because both of them were always somewhat disconnected from the other Arcana, although he is an ally of the Emperor of Avalon. If he has a sore spot, it's that he isn’t fond of being reminded how their kind inspired tarot divination, given the designation he’s been saddled with on Earth.

I – Master Shardak
A wizard of much knowledge, Shardak was once one of the greatest Arcana, but his affection for the mortal peoples of the Sphere began to worry some of them, especially once the first Mythos war began and he deigned it their right to fight on an equal tier of the Arcana themselves. He imagined each of the four tribes being able to appoint a Tarock, but a Mythos destroyed his physical body and most of his powers before more than one Fate Driver could be finished. Now Shardak is reduced to a bodiless essence hiding in a cave in the far reaches of the Sphere, pinning his hopes of ridding the peoples’ dependence on the Arcana on a rebellious young human from a cruel and chaotic world…

II - Phythia
A seer who dwells in an ancient temple, willing to offer prophetic advice to those who can brave the journey to her home.

III – Empress Maeve
Ruler of Mazones, one of the two large empires of the Sphere, Maeve rules her people well but the previous war with the Mythos left her scarred. Now that they’ve returned, she’s not keen on letting the peril facing her increase by letting Tarock, the killer of another Arcanum, run free and entertain ideas of whittling down any more of their numbers. While she mostly concerns herself with governing her subjects and trying to strengthen ties with the other Arcana, Maeve’s personal powers are not to be overlooked. She’s one of the single strongest Arcana.

IV - Emperor Solymen
The ruler of Avalon, the other large empire of the Sphere. He tries to patient and fair with his subjects, and like Maeve is one of the most powerful of all the Arcana. But the resurgence of the Mythos and their constant attacks are wearing on him and his allies. For this reason he is eager to attract all the allies he can, even Tarock.

V - Phebos
Emperor Solymen's right hand man. He is a loyal follower but will not force or order others no matter the circumstance, seeing his path as to guide and advise instead.

VI – Mila and Felco
A pair of permanently joined lovers. They are among Maeve’s most devoted supporters, but are passionate, hot-blooded and impulsive.

VII – Knight Duric (RIP)
A warrior killed by the original Tarock during the previous war with the Mythos. The fact that this was possible has made other Arcana leery of another Tarock, especially during a resurgence of Mythos.

VIII – Leone
A beautiful woman in the company of a lion-like beast, Leone is known to be an ally of Empress Maeve but tempers her allegiance with an attempt to balance Maeve’s more reactionary tendencies. She supported trying to open peaceful relations with the new Tarock in hopes of having an ally against the Mythos rather than another foe to worry about

X – Master Segic
A powerful but chaotic Arcanum, his physical form is always shifting from one shape and elemental composition to another. Segic is surprisingly pragmatic, sharing Leone’s desire to have an ally in the new Tarock if possible. However, his random nature can sometimes cause others to doubt his sincerity until if and when the cause of his actions is revealed.

XI – Thena
One of the most formidable warriors in the Sphere, Thena raised her sword in Maeve’s service during the first war with the Mythos and has since become her right hand. Since then, her views on the causes she fights for have become increasingly insular. She’s firmly convinced that Maeve is right that Tarock is a menace and they don’t need another worry with the Mythos coming back, but known to cut through red tape if she feels the situation is dire enough. And with Tarock, it certainly is.

XII - The Inverted Sage
A reclusive but wise Arcanum who lives far into the wilds of the Sphere. He has sacrificed all freedom and companionship for great wisdom. Liss and Ben seek him out in hopes of finding a cure for Lost's creation fo the Mythos, and after she's captured Ben continues the journey to the Sage to find a way to restore Liss to normal.

XIII - Master Mortis
Mortis is an enigma even to the Arcana, as he's only been seen a few times when one of their number has been killed. As he mentions to Rexia when he offers her the chance to return to life, he is not actually an Arcana and is an envoy of Death itself.

XIV - Telia (RIP)
An advisor to the Emperor of Avalon. Was killed by the Mythos during their first invasion

XVI - Sentos
Normally stands as a watchtower in the capital of Avalon where he watches for threats from afar, and when needed can change himself into a stone giant to fight them off.

XX - Master Thyer (RIP)
Once the most powerful and righteous warrior in the Sphere. He fought alongside the first Tarock even after the other Arcana blamed him for killingKnight Duric, and helped Tarock led a ragtag army into the Mythos' lair to destroy them once and for all. Nothing was ever found of him but his all-powerful sword.

Strange, monstrous beings from beyond Earth. Their source is unknown, but the danger they present is unmistakable. If able to absorb a large dose of the dark matter from which they form, a defeated Mythos can revive in an even larger and more powerful form (Revenant).

The White Lady-
The apparent ruler of the Mythos, so dubbed by Liss because of her white hair, skin, and clothing, interrupted only by her penetrating red eyes. Was imprisoned by the original Tarock as his final act, but later set free by a small army of Mythos monsters sacrificing themselves to breach her bonds. Little else is known about her at present.

Faceless grunts with the ability to shift into any likeness they choose, but have no other special abilities. The more advanced Mythos think nothing of sacrificing them once they're no longer useful. They're even able to avoid detection by Liss's ability to sense Mythos because of their low personal power levels.

1-2) Arachne Mythos (Revenant version)
A twelve-foot-tall spider monster with the upper torso of a woman on the front of its body. Able to spew stingers from its mouth, spread a large web and crush and smash opponents with its many large legs. It had been wounded fighting the previous Tarock, but first it had surprised him with its ability to revive itself in a more powerful form, dealing him mortal injuries before he could put up a proper defense.

2-3) Vampyre Mytho
Able to shift into a human form from its normal bat-like, winged form, and give off an ultrasonic shriek that can destroy solid matter. Taste for human blood.

5) Scorpio Mytho
Powerful scissor-like claws and a stinger-tipped tail that emits acid. Can also extend its arms to pin foes at distance. After being killed was resurrected by lingering dark energy as a giant (16-ft. from front to back) non-morphic scorpion able to shoot its acid from its stinger.

6) Roc Mythos
A two-headed bird, able to create powerful buffeting winds by flying past its victims. Can also shoot barrages of exploding energy balls from its left mouth, and a devastating energy ray from its right

7) Dryad Mythos
A plant-like monstrosity over 40 feet tall. Able to shoot the giant leaves making up her hair as projectiles and explosive spores from her fingers. Also has a giant mass of roots for feet she can use to pummel opponents and obstacles. Because Dryad had powers related to earth, she was practically invulnerable to Tarock's attacks in Pentacles form. However she was devastated by the aquatic attacks of Tarock's Cups form.

8) Ogre Mytho
A green brute possessing great strength and wielding a stone club, but he quickly proved outmatched by the strength of Tarock's Pentacles form.

9) Red Oni, Blue Oni, Drake, Two-Headed Troll, Leshy Mytho
Members of the Mythos army that freed the White Lady. Leshy was the only survivor.

9) Grendel Mythos
An ape-like monster of surprising strength and agility. After being revived grows into an even more brutish monster with an oversized left arm excellent for pounding his enemies.

11) Cyclops Mythos
Killed himself at the walls of Mazones to be reborn in his Gigant form.  Had incredible strength and a giant bone-like club. Could paralyze anyone who looked into his eye for a short time, as well and shoot a powerful beam from it.

11) Tengu Mythos
Powerful flier, able to quickly shrug off one of Donis's numbing attacks. Could generate small but devastating tornadoes.

11) Gorgon Mythos, Gremlin Mythos (mentioned)
A pair of monsters who attacked Liss's hometown during her weeks-long absence, but were defeated by Vaga. The gremlin was a kind of "lizard monkey with a white mohawk."

11) Scarecrow Mythos
Incredibly agile in spite of his thin body. Wielded a scythe, and the vine-like composition of his body allowed him to stretch his limbs and tangle up enemies in vines. Could also spit fireballs, and after his jack o'lantern head was broken open small monsters of made fire appeared from it.

12) Asura Mythos
The Asura Mythos was incredibly strong and able to attack with lightning bolts and a variety of weapons wileded by his many arms. When destroyed was resurrected as a pair of giant faces with fire attacks (red) and ice (blue).

12) Spring-Heeled Jack Mythos
Able to perform powerful leaps and spew a blinding gas.

13) Wolfman Mythos
Blue-furred monster with savage strength and speed.

13) Gold Wolf Mythos
A more powerful version of the Wolfman Mythos able to shoot sparks from his claws.

14) Black Annis Mythos
A witch-like creature with iron claws instead of fingernails. Can shoot sparks and possessed of surprising strength and resilience.

15) Headless Horseman Mythos
Armed with a saber, a musket that shot fiery bullets and grenade-like jack o' lanterns. Was physically melded to his horse.

16) Roc Mythos, Troll Mythos
The Troll Mythos were seen as a pair of 20-foot-tall giants with incredible strength allowing them to batter Sentos around, but were easily felled by the attacks of the Emperor.

16) Arachne Mythos (unevolved)
Pre-Revenant version of the monster Tarock fought in the first two chapters. Could spit a thick webbing to trap her enemies and had poison mandibles.

17) Skeleton Mythos, Two-Headed Troll, Wolfman Mythos, Vampyre Mythos
Members of the Warlock's army, faced only briefly.

17) Shoggoth Mythos
A slimy mass of ever-shifting orbs, eyes and mouths. Mindlessly destructive, even consuming other Mythos monsters. Seemed able to recover from any damage until Tarock's Soul Fire attack severed the bonds between its parts.

18) Nuckelavee Mythos
A skinless synthesis of horse and rider. Powerful battering hooves and able to breathe a deadly corrosive gas.

Misc. Information-

The Sue Gand character is (very loosely) adapted from the heroine of an indie point and click game I liked called The Uncertainty Machine.

In an early chapter Liss visits a fast food place called Sandy Burger. This was taken from a restaurant that appeared a few times in Guyver: The Bio-Boosted Armor.

The color scheme of Tarock's transformations is based off the Tarot Masters villain team for the Villains and Vigilantes RPG, of which I might have indicated myself to be something of a fan. The soldiers of the "Minor Arcana" wing are divided into four groups based on the four suits of a tarot deck, and each was identified by a dominant color.


I have a couple sites I go to for Tarot information, but my quick ref guide for the most basic stuff is the manual for TABOO: The Sixth Sense, no lie.

The order Liss got her four forms in is the same the four associated Riders are seen in Kamen Rider Blade: Sword <-> Spades (Blade), Pentacles/Coins <-> Diamonds (Garren), Cups <-> Hearts (Chalice), Wands <-> Clubs (Leangle).

Kamen Rider is owned by Toei Co. Kamen Rider Tarock and all likeness belong to starofjustice 2011.