Kamen Rider Altis

Kamen Rider Altis is the story of Madeleine Moore, journalist extraordinaire (not really), investigating reports of monsters. Along the way she also hears about a knight-like warrior who seems to be hunting them down. But what will she do as more and more of the truth behind these bizarre reports reveals itself to her?

Go and get caught up on the story before reading the stuff on this page. You’ll enjoy it more.

As always, thanks go out to Gryphman for the artwork: axelthered@fuse.net


Working for a cheap tabloid in a medium-sized city, Madeleine hopes that by pursuing the string of stories of strange, inhuman beings and their hunter she can impress somebody enough to get a shot at the big time.


Hypothetical image of Madeleine as the Fox Taint

Madeleine as Tora


“Altis” is the name used by the armored figure who appears whenever and wherever one of the strange monsters does and battles it to the death. He uses a special belt buckle and strange crystal shards that enable him to assume one of several super-powered forms.

The most basic form, offering a variety of superhuman enhancements but excelling in none.

When the job calls for power, Altis calls on Breaker. It has the thickest armor and greatest strength amplification of any of his forms.

While it would seem the least useful of Altis’s forms with its watery motif, and it is indeed meant for aquatic combat, Tidal actually puts more energy into his speed no matter where he is. It’s ideal for combat against multiple opponents.

Heaven is what Altis uses when the job calls for finesse over power or speed. He can stand and trade blows with most opponents in this form, while delivering precise blows to bring them down as efficiently as possible.

As its name implies, Heaven allows Altis to sprout wings and take to the air.

Altis's ultimate form. Combines and magnifies the capabilities of his other forms, allowing him to create a solid-light version of any of his weapons but with far higher potency. However, creating this much power puts a strain on Altis's body, and uses up his already dwindling lifespan at an alarming rate.

This mysterious character got Madeleine to help him break Altis out of jail, then made sure she’d be safe from prosecution. His exact interest in Altis is unknown, and Altis attacked him upon recognizing him. It may have something to do with possessing similar powers, which he unveils to protect Madeleine from the Mantis Taint.

Versa's basic form.

An alternate form that provides Versa with a pair of curved daggers and the ability to turn himself into a self-propelled mass of dark red liquid matter.

Armed with a whip-like rectractable cord in one gauntlet for choking enemies.

Arms Versa with thick armor and a heavy battle-axe. Also allows him to fly.

Other Hunters-
Altis belongs to a group of other fighters who use armor similar to his. However, they aren't as powerful as Altis and Versa and lack the ability to assume alternate forms.
Brynn: Killed by Horse Taint.
Kran: Michael Quill. Wears blue and white armor.
Hura: Faye McGee. Wears black and white armor.
The Taint are the mysterious monsters hunted by Altis and others like him. Once killed they degrade into a black slime that’s sucked up by the belt of the killer, leaving a dead human form behind.

1-Ant Taint
This Taint had great strength and resilient armor, but its greatest power was the army of subordinate mutant ants it created to serve it.

2-Wolf Taint
A natural hunter, the Wolf Taint was a deadly opponent because of its speed and agility. It was also encountered after starting to evolve into a second form, where it could become nearly invisible in darkness and had started to sprout another head from each shoulder.

3-Moth Taint
The Moth Taint could fly and shoot laser-like beams from its eyes. Its weakness was its frail body, and it was injured more easily than other Taint.

4-Horse Taint
Madeleine saw a video of this monster battle Altis. It could exhale a jet of energy, and had great strength, enough even to break through the armor worn by its pursuers.

5-Crocodile Taint and Rat Taint
These two had been tracking Madeleine down and attacked her when she helped Altis escape after being arrested for the murder of Horse Taint. Crocodile Taint had powerful jaws and an equally powerful tail which it used as a smashing weapon

Rat Taint moved with great speed and agility, effortlessly climbing walls and jumping around to disorient its opponent before attacking.

6, 7-Mantis Taint
Had blade-like forearms and wings enabling it to make short flights.

7-Cockroach Taint
Killed by Versa offscreen. Exact powers unknown.

8-Crow Taint
A powerful flier with strong grasping feet. During its battle with Altis it mutated into a four-legged form where it sprouted a tail with a bone-like club at the end.

9-Snapping Turtle Taint
Had a nearly impenetrable shell and powerful jaws.

10-Komodo Taint
Able to shoot a mouth blast that carries deadly bacteria.

11-Quetzelcoatl Taint, Constrictor Taint and Cobra Taint
The first of an army of snake-patterned Taint who were stopped by Altis and Versa. Quetzelcoatl Taint was a snake with feathery wings, able to spit a rainbow-colored beam from its mouth.

Constrictor Taint could stretch her arms to twice their length to batter and confine an opponent.

Cobra Taint had a venomous bite which was mostly ineffective against Altis, who was still under the effect of super-potent immune system boosters after his fight with Komodo Taint.

14-Creeper Taint, Bull Taint, Bear Taint and Worm Taint
Creeper Taint was a plant-like monster with flailing whip-like fingers and the ability to heal quickly. It was killed by Madeleine chopping it to pieces faster than it could heal.

Worm Taint had the ability to heal quickly as well, and spew an acidic substance that could quickly melt through rock.

Bull and Bear Taint's powers are unknown aside from their prodigious strength. They are the first of a new breed of extra-powerful Taint.

16-Lynx Taint
A Taint that had been recovering from injuries in a pool of slime and attacked Altis and Madeleine when they tracked it to its hideout. It was extremely fast but also quite tough, surviving Altis's Tidal finisher.

17-Worm Taint, Bull Taint, Bear Taint (mentioned)
A more mutated version of Bull Taint appeared after Altis and Madeleine discovered what appeared to be the source of the Taint. It had another pair of arms and another rack of horns, and was even more powerful than before.

Bear Taint had been killed offscreen by Madeleine, but it was a very close call that made her doubt the wisdom of accepting her powers.

18-Beetle Taint, Dragonfly Taint

Beetle Taint was a superhumanly strong Taint (enough so to use cars as projectiles). It could also roll into a ball and crush its enemies.

Dragonfly Taint could shoot devastating beams from its eyes.

Misc. Notes-

Altis and Versa's bikes were named Pursuer-5 and Crossbow, respectively. I never thought to name anybody else's.

Although most readers probably didn't even notice, Madeleine's hometown is named Rittersburg. I was floundering around trying to pick a name for it, and then just stole a city name from a text adventure I happened to be replaying at the time (and in case you're dying to know, that game was The PK Girl).

Kamen Rider is the property of Toei Co. Kamen Rider Altis and all relevant likenesses and artwork are copyright David Anderson, 2010.