Cosmic Squadron Stellarman

For a while I’ve working on the original story Cosmic Squadron Stellarman, and it seemed high time to devote a spot to it. Not to mention show off all the awesome artwork that’s been done for the story (click on a picture to see if full-sized).

All artwork  by Gryphman. If you like it and would like to commission artwork of your own, send him an email:

Inheritors of a genetic gift that allows them to harness the energy emitted by all celestial bodies, they’re Cosmic Squadron Stellarman, defending Earth from super-normal threats. They’re about to face their biggest challenge in Proxordo, a group armed with power to spare, an army of loyal followers, and the conviction that they’re the ones saving the world…

The ultimate weapon of the SDA (Solar Defense Alliance), Stellarman is a group of teens who’ve inherited the mysterious ability to tap celestial energy and use it to become formidable warriors. After returning to Earth from a battle on another planet they gain the ability to transform into elevated Zodiac-empowered forms.

Daniel Reese/StellarRed-

That’s not the name he was born with, but he doesn’t consider himself the person he used to be anymore either. Daniel (not Dan, not Danny) hasn’t seen his family in years but jumped at the chance to do some good with his powers by joining Stellarman. He tries to be a calm and responsible leader, but can’t quite hide the fact that he enjoys being a superhero and getting to pilot giant robots.

Cliff Ashford/StellarYellow-

Cliff comes from a wealthy family, but even among the upper crust he was always seen as a nerd, an easy target. The first bully who assumed that never trusted his own judgment again. The string of others who set out to prove Cliff wasn’t was so tough ended up the same way and landed Cliff in hot water with his parents, who worried about what all this fighting was doing to his chances for a successful future. But if Cliff has one flaw, it’s his pride and refusing to let himself become a victim.


Daniel and Cliff

Akiko "Aki" Yamashita/StellarBlue-

She’s everything her parents wish she wasn’t: loud, energetic and tomboyish. She doesn’t care, she’s perfectly happy with who she is and joined Stellarman mainly to have a reason not to be at home. Being the oldest child of her family Aki’s used to thinking of everyone else as a “kid” and calling them as such, including her teammates.


Bohdi Kiyncha/StellarBlack-

From the barren planet Chahi, it was Bohdi’s warnings that led to the formation of Stellarman in the first place. Having grown up as a hunter in a hostile environment, Bohdi is slow and patient, making every movement count and thinking before he acts. Thanks to the stigma of having special powers among a society where everyone else’s achievements were made through their own effort, he was all too happy to leave and come to Earth. He still chokes up when he sees everyone’s eyes on him, though.

Caitlin Ashford/StellarPink-

Cliff’s sister is the archetypal supportive, caring person who’s doing her best to keep everyone around her from killing each other. At least, she was once upon a time. Having put up with Cliff since they were kids, she’s still got those tendencies but they’ve started to annoy her. After finishing high school she dreams of getting into a prestigious college. One where nobody thinks of her as someone to prop them up when they’re down.

Bohdi and Caitlin

Erica Thebes/StellarRose-

As long as she can remember, Erica’s had a proclivity for potent and efficient usage of Starlight, but had a soldier’s upbringing thanks to her mother, Commander Thebes, who made every decision for her. When Stellarman became active Erica kept pressing her mother to allow her to join, hoping to finally be around people she could relate to. When she and Daniel were cornered during an attack on the city, she got her chance whether Thebes liked it or not. However, there is much more to Erica than meets the eye…

Erica and Kyle

Commander Maria Craice Thebes-

Commander Thebes, or just “Thebes” as her charges often call her, is the head of the Solar Defense Alliance and Stellarman’s direct superior. She’s a serious leader but has a softer side, and has kept from revealing possible advantages until they’re absolutely necessary because she’s highly uncomfortable asking these teens to constantly risk their lives. Especially Erica.


Valentine’s probably the most advanced robot the world’s ever seen. Her advanced AI was created by a genius robotics designer just before he disappeared, and she’s almost human. Valentine coordinates all the information traveling throughout the base, lending the efficiency to Stellarman’s support network that really makes them a force to reckon with.

Commander Thebes and Valentine


Despite the name, Starlight is actually an ambient energy generated by all kinds of celestial bodies. Stars, planets, quasars…Stellarman is able to tap into it and use it to perform superhuman feats.

Sol Dome-

The headquarters of the SDA, the agency backing Stellarman. It’s located underground somewhere in the wilds of Florida.


An airborne headquarters used by Stellarman after returning to Earth from the "movie".


Proxordo is a group united by an overpowering belief in a brighter future. Fueled by an otherworldly energy called the Fire of Truth that enables them to see the forces of ruin at work, they’re fully prepared to destroy the world as we know it in order to save it.

Amro Vayon-

He discovered the Fire and it truly opened his eyes to the world. Overwhelmed by the things he perceived, he knew at once that he needed to save the world from the human race with the power the Fire conferred. He founded Proxordo, the Next Order, to do just this, attracting idealists from all over the world, and discarded his old identity, becoming Amro Vayon, “amro” meaning “shepherd” and “vayon” meaning “torchbearer” in some long-forgotten tongue.

Time and again his efforts were thwarted by Stellarman until he vowed to redouble his efforts, and became Rogyre Vayon, the general. Despite his drive to use the Fire of Truth to remake the world, he jealously guards access to it, and is wary of any of his followers becoming more powerful than he decides to make them.


A knight-like warrior who represents the serpent who bites those too blind to the world around them to see the dangers ahead. He’s possessed of both fearsome strength and a great intellect, as he designed Truthcraft for his master and discovered a way to animate them himself while Vayon was aware trying to find a new sense of purpose. Kamandetes is easily Vayon’s most loyal follower, and has nothing but scorn for the others for not equaling his devotion.


Vayon’s assistant and lover, and has been since before he discovered the Fire of Truth. She represents the beacon that leads lost souls to salvation. When Vayon empowered her he also physically separated the dark side of her nature into an independent being which she can release to fight on her behalf. If she goes too long without doing so, however, her negative urges can return.

Dione and Dishadow


A dragon-like creature who is the third of Vayon’s generals. He previously lived in another dimension before Vayon encountered him and used his powers to heal terrible wounds Haikoga had sustained. Haikoga continues to fight for Vayon’s cause with his great strength, but has little regard for the other generals.

(no picture)


Kyle didn’t have a happy childhood. He discovered his Starlight at a young age but not restraint. He was in juvie for giving some former classmates third-degree burns when Commander Thebes found him and offered to get him out if he’d join Stellarman, hoping camaraderie with the others would mellow him out. Despite his overwhelming threshold for Starlight he still nearly killed his teammates several times, and Thebes realized there was no hope him. His memory was wiped and he was returned to juvenile hall, but his powers had protected him from having his memories of serving in Stellarman removed, so he escaped and wandered until he detected someone else with red Starlight like his and returned to Cape Lombard to see who had taken his place. After being beaten off by StellarRose, Vayon offered him powers like he’d wielded before in exchange for helping to destroy Stellarman. Kyle agreed, but mostly he’s preoccupied with finding out what compelled Daniel to join Stellarman, and has even helped the team when he felt like it.


The Risen are the rank and file of Proxordo, the common man Vayon’s convinced to help him remake the world. Touched by the Fire of Truth, their bodies have become metal so they’re freed from the shackles of disease and fatigue. They wield weapons that burn with the small portion the Fire of Truth they’ve been gifted. Those who prove themselves worthy are promoted to “Amp-Risen” and given a slightly larger amount of the Fire to call their own.

A Risen and Amp-Risen.


Proxordo’s monstrous soldiers. The Truthcraft are robots based on various weapons and brought to life by the Fire of Truth. The Truthbringers are more powerful creatures formed from the Fire of Truth itself, and embodying a virtue or vice (I.e. vigilance, sorrow, clinging to the past, etc.).


1-2) Prox Chain

4) Prox Tone

6) Prox Velo

7) Prox Foam

8) Prox Polar

9) Prox Dozer, Prox Countdown, Prox Cutter

10) Prox Dozer, Prox Countdown, Prox Cutter

11) Prox Dozer, Prox Countdown, Prox Cutter

12) Prox Countdown, Prox Cutter

13) Prox Cutter, Prox Hurricane, Prox Override

14) Prox Flora

15) Prox Terror

16) Prox Pierrot

17) Prox Stone

18) Prox Scylla, Prox Charybdis

19) Prox Scylla, Prox Charybdis

21) Prox Override


21) Prox Sentinel (vigilance)

22) Prox Sorrow (overwhelmed by grief)

25) Prox Retro (clinging to the past), Prox Nemesis (mindless vengeance)

26) Prox Nemesis

29) Prox Valor

33) Prox Maw (gluttony)

34) Prox Maw, Prox Grasp (greed)

35) Prox Harpy (vanity), Prox Costigel (paranoia), Prox Blizzard (calm)

36) Prox Blizzard

37) Prox Blizzard

The Fire of Truth-

An energy emanating from another dimension.


A crystal alloy that vastly amplifies the Fire of Truth channeled through it. Vayon erects huge towers of the crystal around the world as part of some master plan.


The flying city where Proxordo makes its home.

Ptolemic Machines-

The Ptolemic Machines are mecha based on constellations left on Earth ages ago by the a long forgotten race. As the story unfolds Commander Thebes recognizes the need for the greater power they represent and has Stellarman recover them for use in their fight against Proxordo. They are able to combine into even more powerful robots called the Ptolemic Titans.


The first robot utilized by Stellarman. So named because of the numerous wild animals that its components are based on. Its weapons include the Serpent Salvo, where the Hydra heads on its shoulders revolve forward and fire energy, and the Claw Driver, where one clawed hand spins rapidly while StellarSavage speeds at its opponent and gives them a charged stab.

Lupus and StellarSavage

Aquila and Hydra

Vulpecula and Lacerta

Rose Valkyrie-

Not surprisingly, StellarRose’s personal robot. While not having quite the power of StellarSavage, it compensates with greater speed and more powerful sensory equipment. It wields a lance that it uses to perform the Final Ride finishing attack where its lance is thrown through its enemy, upgraded to the Double Ride attack when attached to Monoceros.

Cygnus and Equuleus

Rose Valkyrie


When StellarSavage was captured by Proxordo, Vayon studied it and used what he learned to have a Ptolemic Machine of his own built for Kyle.


Draco can combine with StellarSavage to form Inferno.



A new set of mecha to go along with the Stellarman’s new, additional forms. Based on the constellations of the Zodiac, these robots merge into the awesome StellarFate.

Taurus and StellarFate

Leo and Capricorn

Sagittarius and Scorpio

Beta Units-
The Beta Units are special Ptolemic Machines. While unable to combine into Ptolemic Titans they can attach to the gestalts, bestowing new weapons or abilities to them.

The bear. Gives a combination of great strength and heavy knuckledusters. Finishes monsters with the Kodiak Crush attack

The crow. Allows a robot to fly and perform the Scavenger Strike dive attack.

The unicorn. Becomes a sword that performs the Avenger’s Blade attack.

The dolphin. Makes the robot it attaches to agile underwater, and imparts the Aqua Dance and Hydro Pulse attacks.


I've been amusing myself by compiling an imaginary playlist for Stellarman. If it were to actually have a soundtrack, these wouldn't be the actual songs, but ones a lot like these.

Battle: Choushinsei Flashman opening

StellarRed theme: Iron Man by Rooney

StellarFate theme: Dragon from Shin Getter Robo

Defeat: Hopeless from The New Adventures of Captain S

Rally: Rangers Are Forever from Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers 

First ending: Denkou Chojin Gridman ending

Second ending (post-"movie"): Starlight Fantasy from (I'm told) Ultraman Powered

"Weird days are here to stay" music: My Science Project by The Tubes (from My Science Project)

Behind the Scenes (or, the "Why Did You Not Go With This" section)-

The name "Ptolemic Machines" comes from the guy who did a lot of the initial work charting constellations, Ptolemy.

Various aspects of Vayon were inspired by Arkanfel from Guyver, the first anime I can say I ever really got into. Granted, the character didn't actually show up in animated form until the latest version, but still...

Originally there were going to be two factions of villains in Stellarman, a family of monsters trying to get the egg of their strongest member to hatch, and a clan of metal warriors called the Steel Pantheon who were trying to turn everyone into people like them and "purify" the universe. The egg was going to repeatedly change hands as both groups tried to gain control of the monster that would hatch, with Stellarman trying to get that to prevent it. About the only part of this idea that survived was the main warrior of the monster family was named Kamandetes.

As can be seen in the early chapters, Stellarman originally would've been able to call for special weapons from a communal pool instead of each having a signature weapon, although each would've had a personal preference. I thought this would've helped them seem more flexible, but it didn't take me long to realize this was a logistical pain in the butt.

The team members were going to have names like Red Rigel and Blue Betelgeuse. This one was thrown out for the sake of not overloading the reader with things to remember. Likewise I'd planned to give the team members "unmorphed" powers, although the only one I can still remember was that Daniel's was going to be super-speed so he could punch and kick super-fast. This was to be coupled with him originally having a Pegasus Ptolemic Machine. In the end that reminded me too much of the Red Ranger of another Sentai story whose author I'm in occasional contact with.

At one point Daniel's Ptolemic Machine was going to be Hercules, with the other four being animals that could unite into Crux, and form armor for Hercules a la Dairenou in the group combination. I'd also planned to give him a custom vehicle called the Jancour Wheel, a giant, armed wheel vehicle he'd sit in side. The name comes from Jann Tosh from Star Wars and Dirk Courage from Spiral Zone, who had similar vehicles.

After killing their first giant monster with StellarSavage, Daniel says "Way to go, team!" This was meant as a reference to Keith saying the same thing after Voltron killed its first Robeast. Admittedly this doesn't work that well, with Stellarman struggling to be a proper team for a lot of the story.

When Prox Velo went insane near the end of his chapter, originally his dialogue was just garbled. Later I changed it to lines from the gibberish that appears in the top left of the screen during the Megaranger henshin sequence.

I'd planned to have Commander Thebes's superior officer appear at some point, and for him to have a Ranger form of his own in case he was ever targeted. His changer would've been built into his prosthetic arm.

Originally Stellarman wasn't going to have a traditional sixth member, rather what's called a "Bangai hero." They'd occasionally have been helped by a warrior woman called Harrowing who was sort of a cross between Cutie Honey and Cybersix (with the perverted elements of the former dropped, of course).

The characters and buildings of Daniel's college (even the name of the sports teams, the Bolts) were based off of characters from the English dub of Voltes V (the "N" stands for Ned, not North. And I remember cheating a little by naming one character after Catherine Lee, who was named Zandra in the dubbed version). Mind you the characters who inherited names are not based on the original likenesses.

A lot of the Truthcraft are based on bosses from the old Mega Man games. Prox Terror is Shade Man, Prox Foam is a ghoulish variant of Bubble Man, and Prox Pierrot was somewhere between Clown Man and Googler from Ace Lightning.

In one episode it was mentioned that Valentine was designed by a guy "named 'Zip' or 'Ziv' or something." This is a reference to The Bots Master.

I'd originally intended to name StellarRose "Linda" after a friend of mine. As time went on and Linda and I stopped communicating, I stopped feeling like that was a good name for the kind of character I had in mind. I was unsure of what to call her, until I was watching Maskman one day and I remembered the show was an homage to the Robot Romance Trilogy...

Ikardaa, R'kana, and the robotic minions seen in the "movie" are based on the old cartoon Les Mondes Engloutis (or Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea as it's called in the States). The demons' combined giant form at the end was based on the Double-Crowned Hydra monster seen in a couple episodes.

Valentine is named after the sister from Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead. At some point I'd planned on working in a joke referring to her "OS Card".

Bohdi was not named after Bhodi Li from Photon.

The name "Kamandetes" was taken from an episode of Thunderbirds.

There was going to be a three-piece robot introduced in the "movie" that was going to be hidden at the bottom of the ocean while Stellarman tried to figure out how to reactivate it after using it in the "movie". All I remember of that robot was that it would have had a land-air-sea-theme for its components.

I wanted to avoid equipping the heroes with swords in this story because I thought it was overdone, especially the mecha. Monoceros is me including it in a secondary capacity. Daniel's Zodiac form having one is me bowing to convention.

Stellarman's support organization was going to be called the Solar Defense Directorate, but I decided "SDD" was too close to "SPD" considering the genre.

I'd planned on a light-hearted "Stellarwoman" one-off at one point where the boys are captured and it's up to the ladies to save the day without them.

StellarFate's Atropos Shear weapon is based on the ultimate weapon of the robot Laguiole  from the videogame Robot Alchemic Drive. If you're into giant mecha combat (and if you're reading a Sentai story you probably are), you really owe it to yourself to check it out.

In one chapter Aki mentions her cousin Koyomi, who she considers a stiff. For reasons I still cannot comprehend, I decided to make Aki the cousin of this fictional reality's Koyomi Mizuhara.

The mecha combination phrase being "Star Cross" came from the Force Five version of Gaiking, where the villains would put their fish-ships into the Star Cross Formation to create black holes.

Stellarman coming back to Earth to find it devastated was a spin on an idea I'd had since Guardranger. That idea being that the team would've lost a major battle around the midpoint of the series and had to flee Japan, as the villains would've taken it over and used it as a launching ground for further attacks. Perhaps that was a little too big of a shake-up.

Daniel was going to have a Beta Unit of his own at one point, Auriga. A number of factors, like the fact that I decided I had enough mecha planned for the team anyway, and that the story was shaping up in a way that I couldn't find a dynamic place to establish it, caused me to eventually discard including it.

The Super Sentai series is property of Toei Co. Cosmic Squadron Stellarman and all characters and artwork  copyright 2009-2012 by David Anderson.